The benefits that accrue to those companies be it multi-national or local companies for outsourcing their logistics operations are measurable and significant. At SPEEDMARK Logistics, our depth of industry experience and operational capabilities allow companies to focus on their core business and engage the expertise of a specialist to add value to their global supply chain needs.

It is the optimization of the total process rather than just the individual interdependent entities of the value chain that is the hallmark of a supply chain solution. To deliver this, we leverage on our domain knowledge, management expertise as well as leading IT systems and technologies to create innovative logistics solutions on any scale that are aligned to support the business strategies of our clients' diverse supply chain needs. Specifically, the automation of our logistics operations enables the efficiencies in our picking, storage and delivery, speed up document processing, enhance accuracy, and shortens process lead-time. Nonetheless, it allows the integration with our clients' systems and deliver real-time information to them and their clients who can monitor and track their inventories with us; save warehouse space and yet be able to react quickly and flexibly to market developments; and their storage and distribution capacity can be adjusted according to demand, keeping their overheads to a minimum.

Our major clients include various industry sectors such as high-tech electronics, high-value equipments, and consumer goods amongst many others. We provide a comprehensive range of facilities and programs for your global supply chain needs:

  • Zero GST Warehouse (Type II)
  • General Warehousing, Material Handling & Inventory Management
  • VMI/SOI Hub
  • Raw Material Hubs
  • Light Assembly, Kitting, Packaging, Bundling, Labeling & Distribution (Configure-to-order operations)
  • Packaging - retail and shipping
  • Buyer Consolidation and Ship
  • Cross Docking
  • Reverse Logistics (Returns/Service Centre Management)
  • Asset Recovery Services
  • Parts Centre Management
  • Project Management
  • Invoicing, Delivery Order Generating
  • Other Tailored-made Services & Solutions:
Solutions & Services Implementation & Execution
Solutions conceptualization Operational process design
Solutions customization & analysis of operational needs & requirements IT system implementation support
Business & cost modeling Development of SOP
Recruitment support
Execution support
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