When it comes to the movement of high-tech freight, it is a real challenge. The various handling activities throughout the freight forwarding are likely to involve various parties and points in the supply chain - such as when loading and unloading at domestic points or distribution centers before the freight is transported to the end customer. Temperature, vibration, shock and other environment factors can affect the calibration and quality of the sensitive high-tech and high-value goods.

A pioneer in handling the freight activities of this market niche, amongst many other logistic players, we have acquired the know-how and a dedicated team of experts to work closely with our specialist movers and international carriers to meet the highest quality standards, be it in tarmac deliveries, safe and clean transportation, detailing loading plans, merge-in-transit, or final positioning at work site or project destination.

Definitely, we place the highest emphasis on all security aspects of your shipments by conducting detailed risk assessment and adhering to stringent security operating standards throughout our operations. Our facilities are equipped with high-security systems for high-value cargoes. We are also the member of the Regulated Air Cargo Regime (RCAR). Being a member of the TAPA Air Cargo Security Standards (TACSS) and our obtaining of TACSS A-level Certification for our US offices as well as the achievement of Customs-Trade Partnership against Terrorism (C-TPAT) validation are testimonies of our commitment to safety and security initiatives.

We are proud of our excellent reputation earned through our various accomplishments as the appointed freight management service provider for the global top high-tech manufactures and their clients, specifically for semi-conductor and clean room equipments and machineries.

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